Yo, bitch! Emily, 20. bumfuck nowhere, Illinois. I nerd out over star trek and the avengers a bit too much.

Wine helps my productivity. a lot.

"The world will break your heart ten ways to Sunday, that's guaranteed. And I can't begin to explain that or the craziness inside myself and everyone else." -Silver Linings Playbook


Tony Stark is bonus. 

    "Captain America - The Winter Soldier" Credits

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      Make me choose: Alistair or Morrigan | for bannteagans

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                "You don’t ever have to feel guilty about removing toxic people from your life. It doesn’t matter whether someone is a relative, romantic interest, employer, childhood friend, or a new acquaintance — you don’t have to make room for people who cause you pain or make you feel small. It’s one thing if a person owns up to their behavior and makes an effort to change. But if a person disregards your feelings, ignores your boundaries, and continues to treat you in a harmful way, they need to go."
                —Daniell Koepke (via internal-acceptance-movement)
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